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12/19/2014 00:14 AM 12/4: Obama''s paramilitary police: The ''war on terror'' comes home

06/28/2014 12:43 AM 6/27: ACLU Report Exposes US Federal Government''s Role in Creating ''Paramilitary Police''

06/28/2014 12:36 AM 6/27: White House Requests $500 Million to Aid Syrian Rebels

06/28/2014 12:32 AM 6/27 Iraq Watch: Region-Wide War Threatens as Iraqi State Disintegrates

06/18/2014 2:10 PM 6/18 Iraq Watch: U.S. Plans Nearly $1 Billion Arms Deal, 300 US Troops to Iraq

06/14/2014 12:57 AM 6/14 Iraq Watch: Iraq Crisis--Created by Bush & Blair and Bankrolled by Saudi Arabia

06/07/2014 6:22 PM 6/7: Why Syria's people want Assad

06/05/2014 10:56 AM What really happened in Tiananmen Square 25 years ago today

06/05/2014 10:42 AM 5/29 Edward Snowden Interview With NBC

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02/24/2014 08:02 AM 2/23: Ukraine: Another Piece in US-NATO-EU Neo-Con Puzzle

12/22/2013 06:49 AM Lee Siu Hin: Passing of My Mother (Journey to My Home: China-2013)

10/30/2013 08:14 AM 10/30: Overwhelming UN vote against US embargo of Cuba

10/29/2013 06:23 AM 10/29: Call on the White House to Exit Afghanistan Now! (UFPJ)

10/02/2013 7:01 PM 10/3: Anti-war Resources on Shutdown

09/11/2013 11:18 AM 9/11: Understanding the new stage of the Syria Crisis (ANSWER)

09/11/2013 11:12 AM 9/11: Antiwar Mobilization Thwarts War on Syria! (UFPJ)

09/05/2013 09:46 AM Act Now to Stop U.S. War with Syria! (UFPJ)

09/02/2013 09:00 AM One Week to Stop a U.S. Attack on Syria! (Roots Action)

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08/28/2013 08:12 AM 8/28 Take Action:No U.S. Military Intervention in Syria! (UFPJ) + Latest Updates

08/25/2013 6:54 PM 8/24: Seeing 'New Jim Crow' Placards Seized by Police & More From the March on Washington

08/24/2013 8:17 PM URGENT! US Preps For Possible Cruise Missile Attack Syria! CALL TO ACTION!

08/01/2013 09:55 AM 8/1: August: A time for action! (UFPJ)

08/01/2013 09:33 AM 8/1: Stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership IS Immigrant Rights! (AFGJ)

07/29/2013 05:15 AM 7/26: Lawmakers Who Upheld NSA Phone Spying Received Double the Defense Industry Cash

07/24/2013 07:20 AM 7/24: Stop Funding War Business as Usual! CALL-IN TODAY 202-224-3121 (UFPJ)

07/20/2013 8:11 PM 7/21 Oakland, CA: Citywide surveillance center was temp. postponed by opposition

07/18/2013 06:23 AM 7/17: How the FBI Uses Rapists and Child Molesters to Entrap Gullible People in Terror Stings

07/07/2013 05:50 AM 7/6: America's Plan B in Egypt: Bring Back the Old Regime

06/29/2013 08:08 AM 6/27: House Passes 2014 NDAA; NSA Surveillance Will Lead to Indefinite Detention

06/27/2013 10:08 AM United Statement and Call for Action to Oppose U.S./NATO and Israeli War on Syria!

06/14/2013 06:11 AM 6/14: Speak Up Now! $638 billion for Pentagon? "No Way"! (UFPJ)


05/17/2013 00:28 AM 5/17: Iraq Occupation Focus Newsletter

05/12/2013 00:50 AM 5/10: US Prepares For War With Syria as pro-US Opposition Loses Ground

05/09/2013 10:54 PM May Day 2013 Reports from Across the Country

04/30/2013 11:32 AM May Day 2013 National Immigrant Workers Rights March!

04/30/2013 00:21 AM 4/29: Boston Bombing Suspects' Ties to US Intelligence

04/30/2013 00:07 AM Washington Civil Society and CIA Financing of Chechen and Other Caucasus Regional Terrorists

04/18/2013 01:41 AM 4/16: Venezuela Opposition Continues Protest - Is Coup in the Works

04/16/2013 10:17 AM 4/16: Cowboy Hat-Wearing Hero of Boston Bombings Is Famed Peace Activist

04/16/2013 05:25 AM 4/16: More Updates and Unanswered Questions for the Boston Explosions (CLG)

04/07/2013 03:00 AM 4/5: U.S. Reviews Military Options for Syria

04/05/2013 03:31 AM 4/5: No Aid to Honduran Death Squads!

04/03/2013 03:11 AM 4/2: Iran War Weekly

04/01/2013 03:44 AM 3/31: The Total Iraq and Afghanistan Price Tag: Over $4 Trillion (CLG News)

04/01/2013 03:28 AM 3/31: South Korea declare 'full military readiness' in response to new North "threat"

04/01/2013 03:15 AM 3/31:Ex-CNN Reporter: I Received Orders to Manipulate News to Demonize Syria and Iran (CLG News)

03/30/2013 8:39 PM 3/23: No Change Obama - US supports death squads in Honduras, again!

03/29/2013 10:10 PM 3/29: US-Illegal Gitmo detaineers (for ever) hunger strike intensifies

03/23/2013 9:10 PM Lee Siu Hin 'Report from Baghdad' (July, 2003)

03/23/2013 9:07 PM 3/22: CIA Expands Role in Syria Fight

03/19/2013 08:52 AM IRAQ: Ten years later the U.S. is still at war and UFPJ is still needed!

03/19/2013 06:23 AM VIDEOS Iraq War: 10th Anniversary + The hidden cost of the Iraq War

03/17/2013 8:57 PM 2/14 VIDEO: This is how you stand up for immigrant rights at a Senate hearing

03/17/2013 8:49 PM 3/13 VIDEO: Obama big bucks fundraiser draws many protesters in Washington DC

03/16/2013 04:32 AM 3/13 VIDEO: 'Racist Murder' - Brooklyn in chaos after cops kill teen

03/16/2013 04:22 AM The CIA effort, which involves assembling detailed dossiers on key militants, gives the White House both lethal and nonlethal options.

03/14/2013 9:06 PM 3/15: Where's the Justice? (SOAW)

03/13/2013 10:46 PM 3/14: Outlaw Drone Strikes in the United States!


09/04/2017 3:13 PM

Labor, Globalization, Migrant Workers, with Celebrate New Year at Hong Kong! (11 Days)

04/05/2016 2:12 PM

Remember March 25 2006 Los Angeles No HR4437 March! Look Forward For Our New Fight At May Day 2016!

04/05/2016 1:53 PM

Today's Feature Video: Chicago Teachers Aim to Shut Down City With One-Day Strike

09/02/2015 02:27 AM

Some 120,000 people rallied and surrounded Japan's parliament building here on Sunday, demanding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rescind the controversial security bills

12/19/2014 00:22 AM

US-Saudi Subterfuge Send Stocks and Credit Reeling

12/19/2014 00:14 AM

The most significant outcome of the meetings with cabinet officials, police officers and 'civil rights' leaders organized by the Obama was end the militarization of local police forces.

06/28/2014 12:43 AM

The Excessive Militarization of American Policing, shows that the federal government has spent billions of dollars arming local police forces with military-grade weapons and encouraged their use in day-to-day policing....

06/28/2014 12:36 AM

"The White House on Thursday asked Congress for half-a-billion dollars in aid to go towards opposition fighters in Syria at war with the regime of recently re-elected President Bashar Al-Assad....

06/28/2014 12:32 AM

The war raging in Iraq between a Sunni uprising led by the extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the Shiite-dominated government in Baghdad—and the effective disintegration of the Iraqi nation-state it has caused..

06/18/2014 2:10 PM

The United States plans to sell nearly $1 billion worth of warplanes, armored vehicles and surveillance aerostats to Iraq.

06/14/2014 12:57 AM

Bush and Blair said Iraq was a war on Islamic fascism. They lost

06/07/2014 6:22 PM

Assad ran against two challengers and won with 88.7 percent, garnering 10,319,723 votes. According to SyriaÂ’s supreme constitutional court, 73.42 percent of some 15.8 million eligible voters took part in the elections.

06/05/2014 10:56 AM

The hysteria generated about the Tiananmen Square “massacre� was based on a fictitious narrative about what actually happened when the Chinese government finally cleared the square of protestors on June 4, 1989.

06/05/2014 10:42 AM

Snowden refuted claims that he is a traitor, denied suggestions that is he is being controlled by the Russian government and expressed a desire to return to the United States.

03/22/2014 4:08 PM

Earth Day to May Day (ED2MD) actions can be as simple as inviting people to gather in a central area, like a park, with signs and banners displaying the "People, Planet and Peace Over Profit" slogan, and taking photos and videos to post to social media.

03/17/2014 6:25 PM

The winners, the looser and the looters

03/04/2014 5:44 PM

CANVAS: The Belgrade US-Financed Training Group Behind the Carefully-Orchestrated Kiev Protests

02/25/2014 07:14 AM

Exposing troubling ties in the U.S. to overt Nazi and fascist protesters in Ukraine.

02/24/2014 08:02 AM

Ukraine are not a popular uprising but a carefully orchestrated synthetic coup d'etat

12/22/2013 06:49 AM

From Hong Kong, China..very sad to tell everyone my mother pass away last Monday morning 12:15AM, December 16th at the Hong Kong hospital due to the cancer,

10/30/2013 08:14 AM

A record-equalling 188 countries on Tuesday condemned the five-decade-old US embargo against communist Cuba

10/29/2013 06:23 AM

After 12 years in Afghanistan, the longest war in U.S. history, it is time for our troops and contractors to come home now – leaving no one behind.

10/02/2013 7:01 PM

The following links may help whoever is drafting the frame on government shutdown.

09/11/2013 11:18 AM

The U.S. war threat against Syria has not ended. But the particular path to war has required a shift because of resounding domestic and global opposition.

09/11/2013 11:12 AM

This past week we’ve witnessed and participated in something amazing and inspiring: people all across the United States saying they are tired of war and speaking up to oppose yet another military intervention.

09/05/2013 09:46 AM

Over the next week, Congress will be voting on the decision to attack Syria. We must use every peaceful, non-violent means available to stop the rush to war.

09/02/2013 09:00 AM

Over 40,000 people already chose to click here to tell Congress and the president not to attack Syria.

09/02/2013 08:57 AM

Send a letter to Congress: Vote NO on the Syria war resolution Mass Demonstration in D.C. - Sat., Sept. 7

08/28/2013 08:12 AM

Please take action and make your voice heard. Let’s stop a US attack in Syria before it starts!

08/25/2013 6:54 PM

The main speakers at the march, however, did not match the politics and urgency of those who gathered in the Saturday heat.

08/24/2013 8:17 PM

If US Begin Attacks Syria, Organize Local Actions Immediately Peaceful protest, vigil at your local communities (city hall, federal building, etc.) after the attack begins

08/01/2013 09:55 AM

This August, the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington will give voice to demands to end the plague of war, the injustice of economic, racial and social inequality, and the destruction of our planet.

08/01/2013 09:33 AM

The prospect of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) along with a surge in border militarization will leave in its wake a trail of displacement and death.

07/29/2013 05:15 AM

Political action committees and employees from defense and intelligence firms such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, United Technologies, Honeywell International, and others ponied up $12.97 million in donations for a two-year period ending December 31, 2012

07/24/2013 07:20 AM

Voting on 2014 Defense Appropriations Bill may come as early as Tuesday afternoon STOP FUNDING WAR BUSINESS AS USUAL! Call your Representative!

07/20/2013 8:11 PM

The approval of $2 million in federal funding for a citywide surveillance center in Oakland was postponed to July 30 as opposition to the controversial proposal slowly gains public awareness and criticism.

07/18/2013 06:23 AM

The FBI is under pressure to capture terrorists, even where none exist. So they work with some of the worst criminals to entrap losers that likely pose no real threat.

07/07/2013 05:50 AM

The road that has been taken in Egypt is a dangerous one. A military coup has taken place in Egypt

06/29/2013 08:08 AM

Allow Prez to deploy U.S. military troops to apprehend and indefinitely detain any American he alone believed to be aiding enemies of the state.

06/27/2013 10:08 AM

National Days of Action, June 28- July 17, 2013

06/14/2013 06:11 AM

$638 billion for the Pentagon including $85.8 billion for the "winding down" war in Afghanistan!

06/08/2013 01:38 AM

The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM), the nonpartisan association of U.S. cities with populations over 30,000, will be considering this resolution at its June 21 – 22 annual meeting in Las Vegas.

05/17/2013 00:28 AM

More than 100 people have been killed in two days of violence across Iraq after a raid on a camp of mostly Sunni Muslim protesters ignited the fiercest clashes since US troops left.

05/12/2013 00:50 AM

We calls for a war with Syria mounted yesterday, despite mass popular opposition to war in the United States, amid reports that US-backed Islamist opposition forces fighting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have suffered serious reverses.

04/30/2013 11:32 AM

Wear White T-Shirt; organize local actions to support immigrant worker rights!

04/30/2013 00:21 AM

Information continues to come to light raising questions about the relationship between American intelligence agencies and the Tsarnaev brothers

04/30/2013 00:07 AM

The United States has been financing Chechen groups inside the autonomous republic, in Russia, and abroad.

04/18/2013 01:41 AM

Nicolás Maduro accuses opposition of coup plot as poll protests turn deadly. Venezuela's president-elect likens demonstrations to 2002 attempt against Chávez as seven die in post-election violence

04/16/2013 10:17 AM

Carlos Arredondo -- easily recognizable in photos and videos because of his cowboy hat — was one of those heroes and is prominently featured in two of the more memorable and traumatic images from Monday's attack.

04/16/2013 05:25 AM

Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Spotters on Roofs Before Boston Explosions..

04/07/2013 03:00 AM

The White House, under pressure from key allies and U.S. lawmakers, is reviewing a new set of potential military options for assisting rebels in Syria, according to U.S. officials.

04/05/2013 03:31 AM

Urge the Obama Administration and Congress to end all U.S. aid to the Honduran National Police, as required by U.S. law.

04/03/2013 03:11 AM

Following a 'successful' renewal of negotiations in February, and an ambiguous round of technical talks in March, Iran and the P5+1 are set to meet again in Kazakhstan at the end of this week.

04/01/2013 03:44 AM

The U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been declared officially over, but America has barely begun to pay the bill, says a new study. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars will together cost $4 to $6 trillion!

04/01/2013 03:28 AM

South Korea's Defence Ministry react after North Korea said it had entered "a state of war" with Seoul. North Korea issued its threat on Saturday, saying it has entered "a state of war" with South Korea.

04/01/2013 03:15 AM

Ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon revealed that during her work for the channel she received orders to send false news with the aim to create a public opinion in favor of launching an aggression on Iran and Syria。

03/30/2013 8:39 PM

US Aids Honduran Police Despite Death Squad Fears

03/29/2013 10:10 PM

A Pentagon official said that 33 detainees were taking part in the hunger strike, including three who had been hospitalised.

03/23/2013 9:10 PM

March 19th is the 10 year anniversary of US invade Iraq. 10 years ago July, reporter and activist Lee Siu Hin represent Pacifica Radio went to Iraq for war coverage, interviewed many people, government officials as well US soldiers

03/23/2013 9:07 PM

Agency Feeds Intelligence to Rebel Fighters, in Move That Deepens U.S. Involvement in Conflict

03/19/2013 08:52 AM

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

03/19/2013 06:23 AM

Ten years after the start of the War in Iraq, relive the key moments from Al Jazeera's exclusive coverage and RT America Indeph Review

03/17/2013 8:57 PM

Undocumented immigrants are making sure their standpoint is influencing legislation for immigration overhaul.

03/17/2013 8:49 PM

On the 13th of March, President Barrack Obama held a fundraiser for wealthy donors at Washington DC.

03/16/2013 04:32 AM

Brooklyn's faced yet another rally as more than a hundred people continued to voice their anger over the killing of 16-year-old black boy by police officers, who claim the teenager pointed a gun at them

03/16/2013 04:22 AM

The CIA effort, which involves assembling detailed dossiers on key militants, gives the White House both lethal and nonlethal options.

03/14/2013 9:06 PM

Once more, the kangaroo court of Judge Stephen Hyles in Columbus, Georgia played the Pentagon’s tune. On Wednesday, March 13, just after 11am, he imposed the maximum allowable punishment on SOA Watch activist Nashua Chantal: 6 months in federal prison

03/13/2013 9:37 PM

The Catholic church was complicit in dreadful crimes in Argentina. Now it has a chance to repent