Make Jobs! Not Wars! February 27 Day of Action!

Make Jobs! Not Wars! February 27 Day of Action!As 'the sequester' approaches, on Wednesday February 27, join UFPJ and our allied organizations as we apply collective pressure on Congress to cut spending on weapons and wars and protect our urgent human needs.


Our Jobs Not War campaign is merging with Pull The Pork from the Pentagon on this day to challenge the skewed priorities that have long characterized our federal budget. The U.S. spends 57% of its discretionary budget on the military - spending only:


► 6% on Education

► 6% on Government

► 5% on Veterans Benefits

► 5% on Health

► 3% on Energy & Environment


Our coalition partners are organizing this National Day of Action with events around the nation to pressure Congress during the final days of negotiations over how to avoid sequestration --to preserve domestic social programs, to cut the Pentagon and to compel the super-wealthy to pay their fair sure of taxes. In Washington, D.C. we will rally at Lockheed Martin's offices and deliver Pulled Pork Sandwiches to members of Congress. For those in other parts of the country, check this list to see if there is an event near you:


If you are organizing a protest on that day and haven't put it on the 'Pull the Pork' map, you can do that right away, by going to the website.If you can't call join an event, call your Congressional Reps and Senators on that day, Wednesday February 27.


The Congressional switchboard number is: (202) 224-3121 A toll-free line is: (866) 338-1015.Let these elected officials know that constituents want them to preserve social programs and cut the Pentagon.


For House members, ask them to co-sponsor HR 505 the Balancing Act by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. It avoids cuts to essential social programs, calls on the most privileged to pay their share and reduces Pentagon spending to fund job creation and rebuild the economy.


LET US KNOW WHO YOU CALLED AND WHAT RESPONSE YOU GOT Take a moment to record your the result of your calls HERE! Message from Jobs! Not Wars!