2/15: Tell Congress you want Jobs Not Wars!


Tell Congress you want Jobs Not Wars!


The Jobs Not Wars petition has been signed by 34,313 people. This Wednesday, February 13, representatives of the 166 endorsing organizations will gather at the Capitol in Washington, DC to present the petition to members of Congress. The spirit of Abraham Lincoln will appear to read a "Proclamation of Emancipation from the Ravages of Militarism and War". Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus will officially receive the petition and then the delegation will visit the offices of more than a dozen representatives to deliver copies.


Please call Congress today to let your representative and senators know that YOU signed the petition and that you expect your elected officials to heed its demands.  


The Congressional switchboard number is:(202) 224-3121. A toll-free line is: (866) 338 - 1015


Please make the following points when you call:


-- I'm calling in support of a petition to Congress that I signed sponsored by the Jobs-Not-Wars Campaign that has been endorsed by 164 organizations and collected 34,000 signatures.


-- I want Representative/Senator _____________ to know that I support the demands in the petition to:


End the war in Afghanistan now.


Require the super-rich and corporations to pay their fair share.


Create good jobs at living wages by investing in our communities to sustainably grow the economy and put people back to work.


Redirect our nation’s resources from war and uncontrolled Pentagon spending to fund needed social programs and public services, protecting (not cutting) Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.


Rely on diplomacy and negotiation, rather than military power to respond to international disputes.


We can't get to prosperity by taking the austerity road.


-- The Jobs Not Wars Coalition