9/11-20 LEE SIU HIN: Journey to Russia with Solidarity-My Fact-Finding Trip to Moscow, St. Petersburg PART Four: It's a Family Business






9/11-20 LEE SIU HIN: Journey to Russia with Solidarity-My Fact-Finding Trip to Moscow, St. Petersburg

PART Four: It's a Family Business

BlackRock capitalist oligarchy, CIA director, helped Biden to cover-up their family corruptions, and help them pocket big $$$$ from Ukraine


李小轩 Lee Siu Hin


* This is the last part of my Four-Part “Journey to Russia with Solidarity” series.


Prior to my September 11th - 20th fact-finding trip to Russia, I did some investigation about the Ukraine and U.S. covert actions, and found some connection between Biden, Blackrock and Ukraine.


On July 21st, 2023 President Biden appointed William J. Burns, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.), to become a member of his cabinet.


The new status — which is largely symbolic, is a credibility boost for the agency after coming under intense criticism for intelligence failures before the September 11 terror attacks two decades ago, where C.I.A. director had been a cabinet-level until 2005 (1).


While many Beltway political analysis had suggested that Biden’s promotion was purely political to reward Burn for helping to cover-up Biden’s son, Hunter Biden’s corruption charges from the infamous laptop/e-mail scandal. Also, Biden has been very pleased by Burn’s expertise on covert operation against Russia and China; where President Biden had been obsessed—even desperately to launch numerous racist imperialist economic war and military campaigns against China and Russia, whenever since he became U.S. President on 2021--far more than his predecessor President Trump.


Why for what? 


All Roads Linked to BlackRock, Ukraine

According to the Wikipedia and other Google search results, Burns’ bio is a life-long career diplomat for over three decades, became the director of the C.I.A. in the Biden administration since March 19, 2021, and previously served as U.S. deputy secretary of state from 2011 to 2014 under Obama administration, where Biden was then Vice President, expert on Russia.


He retired from the U.S. government in 2014, and between 2014 to 2021 served as president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. However, none of these websites told his another important job--he was hired by BlackRock’s sister company—BlackStone, as Senior Advisor on July 13th, 2015 (2).


Biden, on the other hand, was a senator for the U.S. state of Delaware from 1973 to 2009, a lobbyist for the largest corporate tax haven on earth. According to Werner Rügemer investigation, this mini-state with less than a million inhabitants is the largest corporate tax and financial haven in the U.S.-led West: The number of shell companies numbers at least twice that of the number of eligible voters. Virtually all the major companies and banks in the U.S. — or their subsidiaries — have their legal and tax headquarters here (3). Including BlackRock, at least 27 out of its 112 global subsidiaries, 24% of them, are based on Delaware (4).


The core of the Hunter Biden’s laptop corruption scandal, already much known by media and under Federal investigation, including his insider dealing with Ukraine corrupted officials and business tycoon, such as Burisma; as well as payments from Chinese private energy & investment company call China CEFC Energy Company, now being accused by Chinese authority of fraud (5) (6).


On October 19, 2020 soon after New York Post broke the laptop story; more than 50 former intelligence officials signed a letter casting doubt on the newspaper claim as “Russian disinfo,” their statement was supported by pro-Biden New York Times and CNN, just right before the November 2020 President election against him.


But now, after two years later on 2022, New York Times and Washington Post had finally admitted that the authenticity of the Hunter Biden’s email on the laptop; the Federal Court against him on the way (as of mid-2023). House Republican leaders, taking this opportunity to against Biden, are prepared to subpoena William Burns over records on the agency's improper potential role with the Hunter Biden laptop letter (7), but he doesn’t seems willing to cooperate.


Meanwhile on late June, under President Biden’s arrangement, BlackRock and JPMorgan will help set up Ukraine reconstruction bank, claiming the fund aims to attract billions of dollars in private investment to assist rebuilding projects (8). But many analyses had pointed out that it’ll only benefits and fatten BlackRock and other U.S. investors’ wallet, over Ukrainian’s miserly.


Now the missing links are getting clear.


Capitalist Milk Brothers

Like many other U.S. capitalist oligarchy, they’ll hire former government officials for their spokesperson/lobbyist inside Beltway; what separate from the others is their size, already an increasingly influential player in Washington, DC.


According to the BlackRock Vanguard Watch, Blackrock and/or Vanguard (another U.S. largest investment firm), are among the three largest institutional investors for 505 out of 505 of the S&P 500 (9).


To make it even sounds more gigantic, BlackRock/BlackStone and Vanguard are already serve as each other’s major shareholder. Vanguard Group Inc owns 8.64% BlackRock (12,906,678 share $8.92Billions) (10), while BlackRock owns Vanguard Group 13.77% (4,049,759 share) (11); the The Vanguard Group, Inc. owns BlackRock’s sister company BlackStone (Technically in 1988, BlackRock separated from its parent company BlackStone, claiming they're now completely separate companies with different business) 6.545 % (46,212,331 shares worth $4.843Billions)(12)



At the end of the first quarter of 2021, BlackRock had more than $9.0 trillion in assets under management (AUM) (13), The Vanguard Group roughly has $8.1 trillion AUM, and BlackStone has $975 billion AUM, these three companies combined has total AUM of $18.075 trillion, almost as large as World’s second-largest economy of China’s $18.1 trillion GDP, or roughly equivalent as 70% of U.S. GDP ($25.46 trillion).


No doubt they have too much money can buy government from U.S. to around the World, to influence major public policies for their greedy bottom-line.


Beside William J. Burns, other notable BlackRock’s former official hires, or former BalckRock staffs now hired by Biden Administration, include:

- On June 20th, 2013, Wesley Clark joins Blackstone as adviser (14)

-  Brian Deese, BlackRock global head of sustainable investing from October 2017 until December 2020, appointed by the President Biden to run the National Economic Council between January 20th, 2021 – February 21st, 2023.

- Adewale “Wally” Adeyemo, a former chief of staff to BlackRock’s chief executive, appointed by the President Biden for Deputy Secretary of the Treasury United States Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under Janet Yallen since March 26th, 2021.

- Mike Pyle, who has worked as BlackRock's global chief investment strategist, a special assistant to the president on economic policy since 2022.

- Thomas E. Donilon, former national security advisor to the President Obama, now serve as Chairman of the BlackRock Investment Institute (15).

- Dalia Blas, former Director of Division of Investment Management under Trump administration between September 2017 - January 2021, who helped BlackRock oversee the asset manager's response to key policy issues including a Republican-led backlash to ESG investing, between Jun 2021 - Jun 2023 hired by BlackRock as Head of External Affairs (16) (17).

- Eric Van Nostrand, former BalckRock’s Head of Research for Multi-Asset Strategies & Sustainable Investments, Managing Director, was appointed by President as Senior Advisor for Russia/Ukraine (August 2022 - March 2023), and Acting Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy (April 2023 – present) (18).


But no one can compare with Laurence Fink, BlackRock’s chief executive, acts (or acted) as an influence agent himself (19):
– Member of U. S. President Donald Trump’s Business Council
– Board members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and World Economic Forum.
– Lobby office in Washington, donor to both U.S. political parties
– Lobby office in Brussels.



Fight against Capitalist Home Robbery and War Profiteers!

Just like capitalists always loves to say: “there’s no free lunch”, yet greedy multinational oligarchy always loves to steal and blackmail government for more free money.


Wall Street investors like BlackRock’s engagement in Washington, hire many former officials, and putting many of their former corporate managers into the administration, could take on a different tenor when it came to the prospect of regulations it saw as a serious threat to the firm’s business model. When former Obama officials and congressional aides pointed to how BlackRock reacted to the possibility of being named a “systemically important” non-bank financial institution by regulators, another way of saying the company was “too big to fail.” (20)


Former BlackRock staff now Biden top spymaster helping Biden to cover-up his son’s (and himself) corruption, Biden under the “recommendation” from former government officials now BlackRock executive, or former BlackRock staff now work for Biden’s administration for fiscal friendly policies, or Biden’s policy on Ukraine, it’s no understatement to point out that BlackRock has strong ties to Washington, D.C., and the firm now has a profound influence on the Biden administration, or vice versa.


Because of the corporate censorships, most people don’t know the seriousness of the U.S. oligarchy controlled our politics and economy; and how seemingly soft-spoken well-dressed multinational fund managers using their DC networks to rob billions and making big $$$$ from U.S./NATO war on Ukraine.


Peace and justice activists have responsibility to educate our community, who is our real enemy, and we need mobilize to fight against their corporate robbery of the World!



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Lee directed a documentary “Vaccine and Sanctions” released on February, 2023.