9/8 Face to Face: Community Issue Dialogue -- Abortion Rights




Face to Face

Community Issue Dialogue

Abortion Rights


September 8, 2022


Video Interview (5 min):


Face to Face: Community Issue Dialogue is the project of Action LA Network and National Immigrant Solidarity Network, we invite community leaders and progressive activists to discuss the important domestic and international issues we’re concern, at leading to the November 2022 Mid-term election.


Today’s topic: Abortion rights after U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade


John Parker from the Socialist Unity Party, they runs newspaper Struggle - La Lucha, also coordinator or the Harriet Tubman Center for the Social Justice in Los Angeles.


He recently represent California Peace & Freedom Party for the U.S. Senate race, at the last primary he received 105,477 votes in California. .


After the Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out, he went to Russia and eastern Ukraine, a trip to understand the real situation in first-hand.


Question One: About your work, and Peace & Freedom Party

There were very impressive mobilizations and spontaneous demonstrations in May when it was exposed about the Supreme Court’s intent on abolishing the Roe v Wade decision. My organization and the Peace & Freedom Party which I am also a part of and whose ticket I ran under when I was running for Senate then, joined and supported those actions across the country. We that one of the most important tactics in fighting for social justice in a country where the leadership does not reflect the interests of the workingclass, is to be visible and in the streets.


Question Two: What's your opinion on the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade? and it's impact.

I believe the movement for social justice must not fall into the trap of thinking that the Democratic Party is in any way our savior in this crisis. In fact, their refusal to create and pass a law for the last 50 years exposes their complicity with the Republican Party for allowing this to happen. Even when the Democrats had a majority in both the Congress and Senate they refused to act.


Now, Biden will tell us that we have to vote for the Democratic Party to ensure that the Supreme Court is made up of progressive judges. We say that the Supreme Court should not exist since these judges who make life and death structural and systemic decisions were not elected and do not represent the working and poor people who make up the majority in this country. They do not represent the oppressed nor the LGBTQ communities here. They only represent the interests of the ruling class in this country representing financial and industrial monopolies that run this country.


Question Three: What's your/your party's demand on this issue?

Since the ACLU has already said that potentially 39 million women, because of this decision by the Supreme Court, will not be able to legally get abortions. However, that number does not include transgendered persons so that number is too low.


Video Interview (5 min):


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