6/27 LEE SIU HIN--We need to fight against right-wing conservatives trampling on women's human rights!




We need to fight against right-wing conservatives trampling on women's human rights!


Lee Siu Hin

June 27th, 2022


On June 24th the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, it’s the dark day of the America, the decision will torn everyone --ironically it's also my birthday.


It's seems like "handmaid's tale" moment step closer reality in the United States.


The highest law in the United States overturns the abortion bill . Among the nine justices of the Supreme Court, six are conservatives and three are liberals. Conservatives now have a crushing advantage. With Roe v. Wade overturned, millions of American women lose their basic constitutional protection.


The Supreme Court's decision is final. This ruling, in fact, also put the right to abortion in the hands of the states.


Arkansas, Ohio, Alabama, Texas and many other Republican-controlled states immediately ordered abortion to be illegal in the state.


On the other hand, 83 attorneys general in 28 states, including California, New York, and Virginia, swore under oath not to prosecute women who seek and perform abortions because the Supreme Court's decision was "unconstitutional."


Don't think that this must be the result of gender differences in the United States. Three women in the U.S. Supreme Court, a right-wing female justice who opposes abortion. Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, who first declared abortion illegal after the Supreme Court ruling, is also a woman.


Next, abortion will be a serious criminal offense in at least Republican states. That is, American women cannot have an abortion even if they are pregnant because of rape, and American women do not have the right to abortion. If you dare to have an abortion without permission, it is tantamount to intentional murder.


It’s sad to say that in these states: women can be raped, but they cannot have an abortion.


The United Nation has immediately criticizing the U.S. for violating international agreements, seriously violating the rights of women as defined by the United Nations, and emphasizing that banning abortion will only make abortion more dangerous.


In addition, at least the heads of state of the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Norway, Belgium and Iceland have come forward to condemn the Supreme Court of the United States for overturning the Roe v. Wade case.


According to the Associated Press, polls show that most Americans believe that abortion should be legal in the vast majority of cases, while only 10% of the respondents believe that abortion should be illegal under any circumstances. Still, the ruling has been made, and a new round of fighting is about to begin.


Many believe the Conservative justices will going to overturn the right to contraception and homosexuality.


According to the Global Times, Clarence Thomas, one of the six conservative justices who supported the abolition of the constitutional protection of abortion rights, said that the legal logic of abortion ruling can also be It was used to overturn a previous U.S. Supreme Court ruling on three other important rights of Americans .


The three rulings are the 1965 Supreme Court ruling that couples' right to contraception is constitutionally protected, the 2003 ruling that same-sex sex is constitutionally protected, and the 2015 ruling that same-sex marriage is constitutionally protected .


The Supreme Court flagrantly abolished the abortion rights of American women, which in fact fundamentally proves that the United States has never and has never really cared about women's rights and social status. It's just a ballot tool for the election, and a tool for the internal game of the United States.


Gender equality and women's rights have never been the concerns of American politics, but partisanship and interests, and then they can be used in the name of religion.


It is necessary to point out that the US abortion ban is not only about the United States and American women, but a fundamental issue about human rights, and about the rights of all women in the world.


Because of the world hegemony that the United States still enjoys, especially the cultural-ideological hegemony to control the global public opinion (U.S. created and spread the so-called Chinaphobia, Russiaphobia, Wuhan virus hoax, endemic lies), it is very likely that many countries will follow the United States footstep to ban abortion and persecute women who fight to do so.


Supreme Court ruling of abortion rights reversal exposes US system hypocrisy, ignites fuse on dangerous political bomb.


Chinese observers and legal professionals the Global Times said the controversial ruling, especially ahead of the U.S. midterm election, brutally deprives US citizens' basic human rights and dealt a huge blow to women's fundamental right.


The US public has increasingly become the victim of political division of the GOP and Democrats.


It was a big victory for the conservatives in the U.S. The ruling will encourage them to embrace even more extremist views and polarize society even further, observers said.


It showed the hypocrisy of the US judicial system. "The voting is not based on rationality of justice, but on their political and ideological stance." Longzhu Liu, a Chinese-American lawyer based in Los Angeles, California, said.


Lü Xiang, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing, said that the politicians' decision will let minorities in the US, especially young African-American women, suffer the cost the most. Many women who are not married and who don't have enough resources to raise children have to face the reality of raising children alone. This will lead to serious societal problems.


U.S. activists pointed out access to abortion is essential for the well-being of African-American women, who face higher rates of both poverty and maternal mortality, according to an NPR report.


Lü warned that the gloomy US economy aggravated by the conservative legislation will drag US society into more chaos.


According to the China Daily, a Gallup released earlier this month found that for the first time since 1996, more voters say they will only vote for a candidate who supports access to abortion than say they will only vote for one who opposes such access.

However, Lü believes that the ruling will not have much impact on US midterm election. "It will have some impact but it won't affect the general situation . Economic issue is still the most important one for voters. While Democrats are inspiring more women to vote, the vote is unlikely to overturn the Supreme Court and upend its decision," he said, and also exposed the irrationality of U.S. judicial system.


In November, control of the House and Senate are at stake along with thousands of legislative seats and the governor's office in 36 states. Republicans are expected to win the House and stand a good chance in the Senate. But the races for state legislatures and governorships that could protect or rescind abortion access will receive much greater attention.


What'll be happen next?


1. More states ban abortion. That's for sure, the U.S. Supreme Court has stripped the constitutional right to abortion, and it's up to the states to do their own thing. Conservatives come to power and ban abortion; liberals come to power and allow abortion. The rights of American women, the Supreme Court does not care, politicians decide.


2. More women will die. Quite simply, a woman who wants an abortion, having to travel to other states that allow it, means more expense. Some poor women can only find illegal clinics, which means that some people are likely to die.


3. The United States has become an human rights embarrassment.

Now, the Western world is shocked, how can the U.S. still have the nerve to talk about human rights protection and women's rights around the World?


World is Watching, the Made in the U.S.A. tragedy and struggle has only just begun!


About Lee Siu Hin
Lee Siu Hin, a Chinese-American immigrant activist from Los Angeles, CA, is the founder and national coordinator of the China-U.S. Solidarity Network (CUSN) and the  National Immigrant Solidarity Network (NISN). He is a long-time community, labor, antiwar and immigrant rights activist for grassroots struggle. He's also a long-time Pacifica Radio KPFK Los Angeles unpaid reporter and producer and war correspondent who has worked in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

NISN, a grassroots-based national immigrant activist network; and CUSN, a  network of academia and community activists in both countries committed to building a China-U.S. grassroots activist dialogue.

Lee holds a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) and a Masters of Engineering (Aerospace) from California State Polytechnic University at Pomona, loated in Pomona, CA.

He is currently working on community medical big data technology and a COVID-19 AI medical analytic platform for the inner-city community and the global south.

His latest book “Capitalism on a Ventilator” co-published with Sara Flounders in September, 2020; Chinese edition will be coming later in 2021.

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