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RAC-Two Years 4 Months Distributing Free Food in MacArthur Park!

             Two Years!  Every Sunday!  Rain or Shine!  'We're Still Here, We Never Left'
                 You can join us every Sunday at 1:00 PM. Meet at the SE Corner of Wilshire and Parkview in MacArthur Park.
                                               Revolutionary Autonomous Communities' Food Program

The Revolutionary Autonomous Communities has created a food program where we are empowering ourselves and others to become self-sustainable.

The Food Program is a mutual-aid project where people themselves are organizing and distributing food in their own neighborhoods. This is not charity, we do not believe that change will happen this way. This is self-empowerment, where working class neo-colonies are feeding themselves, and organizing to feed themselves.
Since the first week of November, 2007, RAC has distibuted much needed grocieries to the needy workers of the area.  Last week 200 people standing in line received food packages.

You can join us every Sunday at 1:30 PM. Meet at the SE Corner of Wilshire and Parkview in MacArthur Park.

RAC Mission Statement:

We feel that this system is killing our people by what the corporations feed us or don't feed us. At the same time there is an abundance of healthy food that goes to waste. They would rather let food go to waste than allow the prices of food in the market to drop. Then they disconnect people (all indigenous and colonized people) from the land, which a free and independent people need to survive. They centralize power and resources in the hands of the few, this is how they keep oppressed people dependent on a white-supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist-imperialist system.

RAC's Food Program is a way that we can work with supporters and other organizations to feed healthy food to our communities. We want people to connect with each other, to pick up and distribute the food amongst themselves. We will support, help connect people and to supply whatever resources we can. Through this process our goal is to connect our communities and to take them back. Our overall goal is to regain our necessary connection to the land. We need land to survive, and the land belongs to us, not the colonizer. We want to relearn how to live off the land and how to truly be self-sustainable.
                                                                                  ' We're Still Here, We Never Left'
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                                                Support our Food Program.

                                                Help Pick Up Food.

                                                Help Distribute Food in Your Neighborhood.

                                                Donate to our Community Mutual-Aid Program.

                                                Get Organized!

                                                Take Back Our Communities and Take Back the Land!

                                                All Power THROUGH the People!

                                                                                       -Revolutionary Autonomous Communities


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