6/12: Just returned LA from China-US bi-national activist solidarity work (Lee Siu Hin)


Just returned LA from China-US bi-national activist solidarity work (Lee Siu Hin)


Dear all:

Greeting from Lee Siu Hin, I just returned to LA yesterday, from my middle of China-US bi-national activist solidarity working trip for peace & justice 2015~!

It's been a very long and hard work, completely self-funded, slowly, step-by-step for the past several years have many success on grassroots and broad-base organizing to build bi-national activism work for peace and justice. It's a difficult task includes lots of difficult work.

We're also building international medical solidarity to support global south, I hope you can help us in the future.

For my work, I need to travel back-and-forth between China and US. for most US travelers it should be a smooth trip return to US, however, for a people of color minority political activist I always need to worry if there's any trouble when I coming back to the LAX, since the US-China/Russia relationships has been getting worse, and recently dozen Chinese scientists has been arrested and even kidnapped by the US, accused them industrial spy.

However, I'll never stop, with the rapid expending US/Western/CIA-sponsored right wing reactionists in China's Hong Kong, Taiwan; US aiding Japan to expand it's military power to treat Asia, as well as US/UK/NATO/CIA roles Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine and Venezuela. I know cannot stop!

I'll have a short stay in US will be back to China and other countries continue my international solidarity work.


Thank you for my friends from both countries helping me for the past 10 years.

More reports will be coming soon.

In solidarity!

Some of my past reports:



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