The Beehive Collective is Swarming this Spring!

dear friends and allies...

The Bees are on tour this Spring season! Refugee Birds

Warm greetings from the Beehive Collective!

We hope this note finds you well as the spring season draws near....

We Bees are currently plotting our FALL tour schedule,and we’d LOVE to collaborate with you to organize a Beehive presentation in your area. Read on for more information, or jump to sections in this email using the links to the right.

Wannabee A Bee?


The Beehive is seeking NEW WORKERBEES to join forces with us in Maine and on the road this summer!

If you’re interested in being a short term VOLUNTEER in August or a longer term APPRENTICE from the end of May until the end of September (and possibly beyond), please put a buzz in our ear by filling out our WORKERBEE WEBFORM!

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Presentations and Workshops

On tour with giant, portable murals, the Bees use art as a tool for popular analysis, education and organizing. We offer a variety of high energy, interactive, graphic-based picture-lectures that speak to the overwhelming and complex picture of globalization, militarization, and resource extraction, as well as the small-scale changes and actions we can undertake to build another world.

The Beehive's innovative, arts-based education strategy can benefit your community, school, or organization by provoking discussion, raising hard questions, and offering a hopeful story in an era of too much bad news. Over the years, we have spoken to tens of thousands of folks, and done countless presentations in locations of all kinds.

We can work with you to craft a Beehive presentation that meets your group's needs. Please see below for details about different options for booking the Bees, and know that we can be flexible and adapt to your venue! If you are interested in collaborating, or if you know someone else who might be, please read on and be in touch....

Please visit our tour SCHEDULE for current dates and to get information about hosting us at your school/venue

NOW BOOKING: Spring Tour 2010

Picture-lectures and workshops to be understood by anyone - not just the experts and political analysts! JOIN IN as we de-construct the complex and overwhelming issues that are shaping our world, using bio-regionally accurate depictions of animals and insects as metaphors to link cultural and ecological diversity.

the true cost of coalseparator

Are you a member of a student group or organization working to end Mountaintop Removal? Would you like to get bulk rates for 'True Cost of Coal' posters for your work? If so, click here to find out more about our upcoming print run collaboration!


Long exploited as a resourcce-extraction colony within the US, the Appalachian Mountains are home to a fight for survival whose outcome will determine in part the industrial power ofthis country. Without coal, there would be no 'cheap' electricity. Today’s energy corporations and government bodies are continuing to show the extent of their violence and greed as they push their extractive agendas in the “New Coal Rush.”

Our insatiable demand for cheap power has lead to the most extreme, devastating form of coal mining yet, Mountaintop Removal (MTR). The TRUE COST OF COAL graphic uses MTR in Appalachia as a lens through which to understand the historical and contemporary story of ENERGY, RESOURCE EXTRACTION and of AMERICAN EMPIRE accelerating throughout the world. We will expose the DECEPTIONS of CLEAN COAL technologies and bring to light the ensuing CLIMATE CHAOS facing the world today.

With a gigantic portable mural-in-process teeming with intricate images of plants and animals from the most bio-diverse temperate forest on the planet, the Bees will share (and seek) stories of how coal mining and Mountaintop Removal affect communities and ecosystems throughout Appalachia and beyond.

This graphic also looks to the future, raising questions about resistance, regeneration, and remediation while celebrating stories of struggle from mountain communities. The TRUE COST OF COAL will challenge all of us who casually flip on a light switch to examine our own connections to MTR- and to think about what we can do to stop it from within our own communities.

Learn more about this graphics campaign-in-process as it unfolds at: or PREPAY for a Coal poster at our WEBSTORE.


Tales of Ants & Economies in the Americas separator

(Esta presentación está disponible EN ESPAÑOL)

As a friend and supporter of the Beehive, you may be familiar with the first two works in our trilogy about globalization in the Americas, the FREE TRADE AREA OF THE AMERICAS and PLAN COLOMBIA campaigns. (not familiar? click a title to learn more)

Bees presenting at PNCA

This narrative weaves together images from the Beehive Collective's Graphic Trilogy focused on corporate globalization in the Americas. With giant portable murals the Bees take audiences on an interactive VISUAL tour of the connections between COLONIZATION, MILITARIZATION, and RESOURCE EXTRACTION disguised as “industrial development.”

For the past several years, Bees have been touring the Americas and Europe with these two graphics in tandem. With two giant illustrated portable murals, a six foot tall fabric storybook, and an engaging narrative, the Bees have awed and inspired audiences across the hemispheres.

The 2009 version will also include previews of scenes from MESOAMERICA RESISTE, the final epic chapter in the trilogy, our most ambitious and elaborate illustration to date...5 YEARS in the making and nearly hatched!


This graphic, currently under construction, is the third and final in the Beehive’s trilogy on globalization in the Americas. The intricate map of images is focused on Mexico and Central America as a means of telling a larger story about, COLONIZATION, GLOBAL ECONOMY and MEGA-INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT projects.

IDB - Mesoamerica Resiste

Like it’s global counterparts, Project Mesoamerica (formerly 'Plan Puebla Panama') aims to colonize and transform the land from Mexico to Colombia in the interest of building infrastructure to facilitate resource extraction and 'efficient' global trade routes…just as early European monarchies set out to do 500 years ago.

The title ‘Mesoamerica Resiste’ reflects our efforts to document, illustrate, and share stories of grassroots movements working to oppose top-down development through horizontal community based organizing, as well as to honor the incredible Mesoamerican biodiversity threatened by this plan.

Featuring over 300 distinct species of plants and animals, Mesoamerica Resiste! is by far and away our most ambitious and elaborate illustration to date.

With the final stages of inking and printing yet-to-be completed, the Mesoamerica Resiste! graphic is on the road as a ‘picture-lecture’ or ‘workshop’ using bite-size pieces of the immensely detailed graphic narrative in a slideshow format.